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Loss of inspiration

When you lose motivation, you gain frustration and lose focus at working.
When you lose motivation, you gain frustration and lose focus at working.
When you lose the inspiration to succeed, it can lead to a giant ball of frusturation.<br>Photo Credit: Jenika Chiang
When you lose the inspiration to succeed, it can lead to a giant ball of frusturation.
Photo Credit: Jenika Chiang

As the number of school days start to dwindle, my level of excitement for summer vacation increases rapidly. Unfortunately, my motivation has hit an all time low.

Every morning, you’ll hear me say “Is it time to go yet?”, “I’m done! I can’t go on with this day!” and other forms of complaining. It’s not that I hate school, but I have just lost almost all motivation.

This lack of encouragement for school is reflected through my grades this quarter. When the school year started, I received top notch marks. When second semester started, my grades decreased slightly, but they were better than they are currently.

There aren’t many weeks left of school, so I’m questioning why I can’t advance through these last few weeks with the drive that I had earlier this year. Because of this lack of inspiration, my habit of procrastination that I thought had improved on has come up frequently. My procrastination has caused me to put off important assignments and homework until the night before it’s due. Sometimes, I don’t even do them at all.

At this time every school year, my motivation is always pretty cloudy, but there’s something about this year that makes the little ambition I have to succeed go out the window. With past years, I never took the initiative to increase my level of motivation since it never conflicted with my schoolwork.

If I continue the rest of the year without some sort of encouragement, I’ll end the year with both close to failing grades and irritated teachers. Since I procrastinate on my schoolwork, I never meet my full potential, making my teachers wonder why my grade has dropped suddenly. Not only are they questioning why my grades have suffered suddenly, but they’re also irritated with the lack of quality that my assignments have lately.

My thoughts lately have been filled with focusing on plans for the upcoming summer break, instead of my schoolwork. If I don’t focus on the present, it’ll affect me later. Instead of thinking “Can the bus turn around and take me home?”, I should think “Only four more weeks, Brittnie. You can make it through.”

I could even have the chance to wake up at 6 AM for six more weeks just to go to summer school if I don’t take control of my situation.

Falling behind, like myself, because of a lack of motivation isn’t the smartest choice at a time when it’s most important. This is the time to increase my grades and leave teachers satisfied, but instead, I’m ending the year with declined grades and irritated teachers. In order for me to succeed, I’m going to have to gain hope and believe that I can survive these last remaining weeks of the school year.

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