No matter the weather, rainy or sunny, I always find some type of enjoyment within life that makes me smile.
No matter the weather, rainy or sunny, I always find some type of enjoyment within life that makes me smile.
No matter the weather or the situations that I encounter, I try to find some type of enjoyment within life that makes me smile.
Photo credit: Emma Truax

Starting my job at Pacsun a month ago has let me come to many realizations about my personality and habits. What has been brought to my attention are the high levels of positivity that I display towards customers that come in and my fellow coworkers.  Even if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and all the drama that occurred prior to work, the interactions I am able to have with an array of customers genuinely brings a smile to my face.

For example, at work the other day, a customer and his girlfriend came in. As I was taught by my manager, it is my job to make the customer feel comfortable and welcomed to the store, so I did just that. “Hey guys, welcome to Pacsun!” I said with an enthusiastic smile on my face and a mention of the deals we had for the week. When making their purchase later in the hour, the customer stopped me and said, “I have never seen someone so happy to work. Your happiness is like dynamite!”

That comment not only brought great joy to the rest of my shift, but it also gave me something to think about. Am I really that much of a positive and happy person? I took a look at what I do that helps me in maintaining my positive attitude, and this list was made in hopes to help those in need of some brightness in their dark days.

1. Surround yourself with positive vibes and not “Debbie Downers”

Think about it: the beach is very chill, helping you to relax and enjoy the waves. Being at the doctors does not give off the same feeling, but instead is filled with fear and weariness of the results and treatments to expect. Emotions are supported by environment, an aspect that friends and family can either help to create or destroy.

Being with only negative people will change your way of thinking. The negative vibes they have will take over your own. Especially being teenagers, we represent what our friends are like. Rather than interacting with negativity, it helps to feed off of affirming personalities to feel happiness in yourself.

[vision_pullquote style=”1″ align=””] Am I really that much of a positive and happy person? [/vision_pullquote]

2. Do what you love, not what you are forced to do

We have confidence when we feel like we have accomplished work without flaws. It is hard to put in 110 percent when you are doing something that you dread or do not like doing. If you love reading, let your mind explore the realm of adventures in as many books as possible. If you are interested in the great outdoors, venture on as many hiking trails as your heart desires. If cooking is what pleases you, then whip up all the tasty desserts from a cookbook and have no regrets in eating all of them.

3. Fake it ‘til you feel it

This one is most likely the hardest to follow. Being so built up of anger can cause emotions to overflow and reveal itself on the outside, making it difficult to fake a smile. No matter what, pick your head up and fake that positivity to the point where you actually start to feel it. At work, I am forced to forget all the troubles I had that day and keep a smile towards customers for five to six hour shifts, leaving me with a real smile by the end of it.

4. Compliments, compliments, compliments

I am sure I speak for many when I say that compliments are greatly loved. That being said, a compliment can help turn a person’s sour day upside down. This does not mean to put yourself out there and expect compliments from those around, but instead compliment yourself. It may look narcissistic to point out your best physical features or personal attributes, but what harm is it to have some confidence in your strengths? Knowing that you have something about yourself to flaunt off will give you a reason to feel positive, creating a pathway for happiness rather than seeing only the downside.

Following these tips may not grant you a definite life of being happy, but they sure do help to create a better outlook on life. There is no reason to be a “Negative Nancy” or a “Debbie Downer” with the failures that may come at you. There are so many aspects in life to be happy about, so learn to appreciate them rather than wearing a frown on a bright, sunny day.