Sibling Rivalry: Dress Code

Illustration: Andrea Galvan
Illustration: Andrea Galvan
Illustration: Andrea Galvan

Andrea: I completely understand why Dress Code has a place in our school district. If we apply dress code specifically to our school, though, then I think it can be relaxed just a bit when the weather gets super hot.  Wearing tank tops without having to worry about getting dress coded would be pretty cool, to be honest.

Amanda: Like you said, dress code exists for a reason. It’s meant to teach students how to dress according to a professional situation, despite the weather. It does get hot outside, but there are options that can still keep you cool. You can still wear a tank top as long as it abides by the rules, which aren’t that strict.

Andrea: Well, it’s not like you have to be professional every single day, right? Our school has days where students of each program area have to dress professionally.  The rest of those days they’re “free” to wear what they want.  So yes, we’re learning professionalism, but we’re still being restricted.  You know that it gets hot during the day, especially during the beginning and end of the school year, so don’t you think it would be great to wear a sleeveless shirt and maybe a hat?

Amanda: You know, technically sleeveless shirts are allowed as long as it’s not a spaghetti strap tank top. I can understand how people don’t like that dress code can be restricting, but I’ve never understood why people dress up so much just to go to school.It’s only seven hours out of your day, and you can spend the rest of the time doing/wearing whatever you want. There’s really no need to go all out, so abiding by dress code shouldn’t be a problem.

Andrea: I’m not sure if other people see it this way, but school is kind of like a place where you can test out outfits you might want to try.  There’s people you see every day who can give you honest opinions on how you look.  It’s a matter of impressing people, which is just human nature.  Of course, there’s going to be those days where you just really don’t care at all, so you’ll throw on whatever you want.  If you want to be comfortable, and your comfort is in a tank top and gym shorts, then you should be able to do it.  Even if you’re comfortable in leggings, you should be able to wear them.  (I’m going to be honest, I really don’t see the problem with leggings.)

Amanda: Most people I know have a style completely different than what they wear in school, which makes more sense to me. There’s a time and a place that you should show off outfits, and outside of school is more fitting. I mean, if you want to wear an outfit to get feedback on at school then go for it, but literally no one else will see it but a couple of friends. As for leggings . . . they were originally made to be worn under things, but I won’t even start.

Andrea: I’d understand having a completely different style outside of school, but it’s hard to develop that when you spend 5/7 days in the same place every week. Besides, at a school that has fashion design as a program, wouldn’t it make sense to show off outfits? Having a less restrictive dress code would give these students a chance to develop their fashion styles even more.  Maybe a relaxed dress code would help the fashion students the most!