Coyote Olympics, Day 5: Assembly Games Top four teams went head to head

As the Coyote Olympics come to an end, the top four teams went head to head in the closing assembly.

Junior Colby Miller and his team attempt to untangle themselves from their human knot as quickly as possible. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
Performing during the assembly, sophomore Angelica Pangan dances along with the rest of the Polynesian Club behind her. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
Giving frisbees to his blindfolded teammate, Wiseman Hidalgo hopes he will throw enough into the kiddie pool to earn some points. Photo Credit: Shareen Basyari
Lining up for makeshift chariot racing, Edward Garcia prepares to pull his teammate to the finish line. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
Biting his gold medal, junior Jasper Tran and his teammates celebrate their first place victory. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan

What was your favorite part of the Coyote Olympics?