Get a Taste of Earth at ‘Feng Cha Teahouse’

Discover a new world of flavor with a variety of natural, hand-picked teas


Kayla Thomas

7445 South Durango Drive Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89113

Monday-Saturday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Sunday: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Credit cards accepted

With numerous Boba tea cafes in Las Vegas, the competition is high, especially for newly established locations such as Feng Cha Teahouse, which opened in late June. Feng Cha is Chinese for “serving tea with respect” and because of that and their diverse menu, the company has been prospering. From brewed, milk, and fruit teas to milk foam drinks, customers will find that all items use natural ingredients. Even if you don’t like Boba, there’s a drink for everyone to enjoy. 

In 2016, Feng Cha Teahouse was founded in China. Ever since then, the company has opened over 1000 stores and has made a footprint in countries such as Malaysia, Egypt, Australia, United States, and several other countries. Feng Cha made its first American appearance in California and expanded to other states such as Texas and Nevada. 

I’ve been to Feng Cha a couple of times. Each time, I am welcomed by the gigantic bear sitting in the right corner of the teahouse. The restaurant doesn’t allow customers to dine in at the moment, however, although the chairs were empty, the teahouse itself was filled with customers. As we walked closer to the register, my family passed by a cutout, and through it, we could see multiple drawings of people happily preparing drinks. It was really nice and overall, the place had a relaxing theme.

During our first visit, my family glanced at the variety of items on the menu, and we were overwhelmed by all the different types of drinks offered. The menu displayed photos of some of the drinks and desserts sold along with a short description of the ingredients within each menu item, which gave my family a good idea of what we were about to order. There are always no more than three employees behind the counter at once, each wearing a mask, gloves, and apron for protective and sanitary purposes.

The Sea Salt Pearl Milk Foam Cake ($5.99) was the first thing I ordered. It is a small sponge cake topped with sea salt milk foam and brown sugar boba. It looked aesthetically pleasing on the menu. The tapioca balls sat almost sparkling on top of the mini-cake, and the sea salt milk foam poured on it had a pleasant marble pattern. The Boba pearls were dipped in brown sugar sauce, giving a sweet contrast to the strong caramel flavor of the milk foam, and the bread underneath which added a fresh, fluffy texture to the cake itself. The combination of flavors and texture within this cake made for a great dessert.

The next menu item I picked is my all-time favorite flavor, that being, the Rose Oolong Milk Tea with boba ($4.50). The tea had a creme color and a sweet, delicate flavor that tastes the way roses smell. The Boba was very chewy, as well as soft and had a subtle honey flavor. There were also little bits of rose petals inside the drink, which added an earthy taste to it. I was very pleased with the drink, both with the subtle rosy taste and the appearance. 

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My dad isn’t into Boba, so he ordered a Summer Melon Green Tea ($4.00). The Summer Melon Green Tea is a seasonal drink that only comes iced, and includes fresh flavors such as watermelon, lemon and Jasmine Green Tea packed with Vitamin C. When we got the drink, the first thing I noticed was the baby pink color and the visible bits of watermelon floating around. With the first sip, the drink gave a burst of sweetness, which was later balanced out by the green tea and lemon aftertaste. The pulp from the watermelon added a chewy and natural texture and ended up watering down the drink’s sugary taste with its freshness. I will surely order this drink myself during my next visit to Feng Cha. 

Milk foam teas are among the favorites of Feng Cha, which is essentially the tea version of the foam on top of coffee drinks. There were a few different flavors available such as matcha, taro, tiramisu and sea salt, so the last item we ordered was a Taro Milk Foam Jasmine Green Tea ($4.00). Usually, drinks that are less sweet look a lot less appetizing in my opinion, but this tea actually looked really lovely with the lilac color presented in the milk foam. The taro milk foam reflected the subtly sweet and creamy taste that taro root usually has. The bitterness of the tea blended perfectly with the semi-sweet flavor of the taro. As a person who doesn’t like sugary drinks, the Taro Milk Foam Jasmine Green Tea definitely changed my mind a little bit.

From the light and fluffy textures to the flavor replication of natural fruits, this teahouse definitely stays true to its “serve tea with respect” motto. Feng Cha’s Durango location has a cozy and relaxing theme and keeps their customers coming back for more with the rich and creamy flavors in each of their products. Each time I visit this adorable little teahouse, I receive freshly brewed teas infused with raw ingredients, which always makes me return for more.

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