Whether the picture be an embarrassing selfie after a bad haircut or a group photo with your best friends, all pictures contain some type of memory that should be kept cherished.
Photo credit: Daugherty Cruz

I am sure we all have those embarrassing baby pictures your mom took when just being three weeks old. You know, the ones taken when still rocking those animal onesies that had a hood and puffy white Pampers underneath. Or the pictures with poses that were cute back then but would be frowned upon now with mine being the embarrassing Britney Spears dance moves (time to go hide in shame now). We all hide them when company comes or when mom pulls them out to show a new friend or current boyfriend. These pictures are full of memories to look back and laugh at when by yourself, but are often tucked away when exposed to the public. However, it is the silliest pictures that we take with our favorite people that mean the most to us. Admittedly, this summer was filled with tons of candid photos that even I consider too embarrassing for the public eye of Instagram and Twitter. Taking a look through my gallery on my phone not only raises the eyebrows of outsiders who wander into my phones universe, but I second think and reason with myself as to why I will not click the trash can in the corner. “That day I was yelled at by manager, why would I keep this?” “Oh no, my thighs look huge here! MUST. CLICK. DELETE.” [vision_pullquote style=”3″ align=””] “Pictures are one of the most meaningful and sentimental possessions to hold.” [/vision_pullquote] “No one even smiled in this one, and instead of looking enthusiastic to be in California, we look constipated.” Let us face it, no matter how frizzy your hair appears or how much red eye the camera showed, you had one of the greatest feelings inside if you had some of the craziest faces and expressions in these pictures. As much hate that is given to these pictures for their weirdness, remember how happy you felt at the time. The brain is filled with over one billion neurons with each neuron forming 1,000 connections. It is a possibility to hit the mental capacity to store all memories made and knowledge learned. With that being said, however, each neuron works with one another to ensure that a possibility like that does not occur. But what if it did happen? What if one day you just woke up and could not remember a single event prior to the night you went to bed? Looking at even just one picture will spark some type of  realization and memories that occurred in it that slowly triggers the brain to familiarize itself. Why ruin any chance of helping your brain relive all the memories you have been through, both good and bad, just by deleting them because you “do not look attractive in it”? With scientific talk aside, pictures are one of the most meaningful and sentimental possessions to hold. Selfies, group photos, class pictures shown in the yearbook, they all hold a thousand memories. Keep hold of them and keep them close. And definitely, I repeat, do not delete the pictures of you and your boyfriend with your best friends at a cookout. As soon as school starts, you might miss that experience and relive it with the same laughs and happiness as you reminisce through them.