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Brushing up on her knowledge, sophomore Hannah Segura reviews information taught during class about types of restaurants. After every lecture, students are assigned notes that they must complete for a grade. “So far the information being taught is interesting,”  Segura said. “Mrs. Viggato has shared that we’ll be doing a project along with it so hopefully it’ll be different than how previous projects had to be done.”
Photo Credit: Hannah Segura

Hospitality I students begin learning about restaurant management

Aila Pasic
April 23, 2021
Students will present findings in a group project.
Through social media posts, sophomore Van Anh Nguyen shares her enthusiasm and appreciation towards the world of makeup. She showcases her cosmetology skills through her posts and wants people to realize how amazing the medium of makeup really is. “I love doing sharp and striking looks,” Nguyen said. “As Nicki Minaj has once stated, ‘Who wants to look simple, when you can look stunning?’” Photo Credit: Van Anh Nguyen

Makeup Enthusiast: Meet Van Anh Nguyen

Aila Pasic
April 20, 2021
Having a passion for makeup for several years now, Van Anh Nguyen has been posting makeup looks to showcase her skill in the medium.
 Born and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, rapper and songwriter Raury releases an extended version of his last EP. His recent EP includes additional songs, all of them displaying Raury’s talent in the “gospel-folk” genre of music. Rating: A Photo Credit: The Woods

Experience modernized gospel music with Raury’s ‘Fervent (Deluxe)’

Aila Pasic
March 2, 2021
Discover modernized folk music that'll open listener's minds to a new world.
Completing the at-home lab on protein units, sophomore Hannah Segura starts one of her dishes. Students were required to get Chef Michael Hadobas’s approval for dishes they plan on making for their at-home labs to ensure diversity. “I think the last time we did at-home labs was last quarter and I found that fun since it was only me doing it,” Segura said. “The only person I had to worry about messing up was me so that was better than doing it in groups like we did last year.” 
Photo Credit: Hannah Segura

Culinary II students experiment with primal cuts for proteins unit

Aila Pasic
February 23, 2021
Sophomores will be cooking their own dishes at home.
Located in Trivoli Village, this seafood establishment delivers on the flavor of several different seafood dishes while contributing special seasonings that’ll leave the customer wanting more. With their mix of various traditional sea cuisines and classic Eastern-coast foods, the pairing is something that everyone should try.  
  Rating: A Photo Credit: Aila Pasic

Endeavor in traditional New England seafood at ‘Boston Fish House & Bar’

Aila Pasic
February 18, 2021
Enjoy exceptional dishes at this new restaurant located in Tivoli Village.
 While a full album has not yet been released, Audrey Nuna has been posting a steady stream of singles to grow her audience. Without sticking to a certain genre of music, Nuna has displayed her skills to create amazing music within these different genres. Rating: B Photo Credit: Arista Recordings

Experience the versatility of Audrey Nuna

Aila Pasic
February 9, 2021
Discover this new and upcoming artist that'll amaze you with her range of skill in her music.
Finishing up some last detail on his project, sophomore Yestin Zaki Cruzada continues to work on his group slides. Since work time during class for the project was slim, students were required to do the majority of the work at home. “I love this topic since we’re making a plan for guests and we picked one of my dream cities,” Cruzada said. “I could also research and find out more about Tokyo as I wait for the day that we can finally book a ticket to fly over there.” Photo Credit: Yestin Zaki Cruzada

Hospitality students create a guide of several tourist destinations around the world

Aila Pasic
February 5, 2021
Kicking off the semester, sophomores in Hospitality created projects on tourist areas.
Based on the creation of popular YouTube animator, TheOdd1sOut, “TheOdd1sout: Let’s Bounce” is an adventure game that allows players to explore a map that includes characters and events from the creator’s life. Rating: C Photo Credit: Broadband TV

Hop into the adventure of the game ‘TheOdd1sout: Let’s Bounce’

Aila Pasic
January 26, 2021
Bounce around in this "Angry Birds" inspired mobile game.
Solving practice questions for her ACT prep, junior Lizeth Ontiveros starts early preparation for testing. Since the way the ACT is administered will change, the junior class may be split into three groups, each testing on a different day. “If all goes well next month then hopefully SWCTA’s schedule will run smoothly,”  Ontiveros says. “However, if cases rise again and it’s unsafe to proceed with the exam this year, then I hope juniors will be able to reschedule for our senior year or later this year.”

ACT testing plans underway, despite distance learning

Juliana Borruso and Aila Pasic
January 20, 2021
Expected to test from Feb. 23-25, juniors are going to take the ACT in person.
Grateful to be together for the Holidays

Grateful to be together for the Holidays

Aila Pasic
November 26, 2020
Even though the coronavirus is slowly edging into the holiday season, we'll still find ways to be with our family.
 Phoebe Bridgers has slowly gained a popular following for her experimental indie-rock music from previous years. For her recent album, she has put that music on display for people to relate to. Rating: BPhoto Credit: Olof Grind

Experience the raw emotions in ‘Punishers’

Aila Pasic
November 24, 2020
Sneak a peak into Phoebe Bridger, an artist with a unique songs that symbolize her past adventures.
Focusing on group work for the regional cuisine project, sophomore Crystal Knudson begins doing research on what dishes should be included in her group’s menu. Students are assigned group members for the regional cuisine so they can begin researching on a variety of different cuisines and start creating a menu. “I’m expecting to learn a lot about culture since America is full of immigrants,” Knudson said. “Even though American food may seem boring, there are lots of backstories depending on who colonized the area.” Photo Credit: Crystal Knudson

Exploring a World of Flavors in Culinary II

Aila Pasic
November 20, 2020
Beginning research of America’s most popular regional cuisines, Culinary II students are brainstorming their own delicious dishes to include with the research of their project.