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Hospitality students create a guide of several tourist destinations around the world

Take a tour of attraction projects around the world
Finishing up some last detail on his project, sophomore Yestin Zaki Cruzada continues to work on his group slides. Since work time during class for the project was slim, students were required to do the majority of the work at home. “I love this topic since we’re making a plan for guests and we picked one of my dream cities,” Cruzada said. “I could also research and find out more about Tokyo as I wait for the day that we can finally book a ticket to fly over there.” Photo Credit: Yestin Zaki Cruzada

Starting off this semester, students in Catherine Viggato’s Hospitality I class are beginning a new group project based on traveling and tourism.

“The project is basically building a vacation itinerary that includes transportation, food, and locations,” sophomore Hannah Segura said. “I find this project very interesting because we were able to choose a place outside of the United States, so our group chose Japan and it’s interesting finding different areas that would be nice to travel to in real life.”

Students are required to research a city or state of their choice and create a group slideshow. They will be displaying different types of attractions that consist of entertainment, cultural, and historical attractions for tourists to visit in that area.

“Aspects of the project that I liked the most is that we learned about different destinations and what they have to offer as vacation destinations,” sophomore Lina Awol said. “I also liked researching about different foods and restaurants, since we also had to include some of those in our itinerary.”

Groups are given half of the class to be put in breakout rooms to work on their presentation and distribute work evenly between the four members, with some groups having fewer members.

“I like the idea of Mrs. Viggato continuing to put us in groups because I feel like I’ve gained more social skills with peers in my class,” Segura said. “However, in my group, we’re all indecisive people and we would just agree with whatever we want to do for the project, so that alone can be hard for us to progress through this project.”

Students were given two weeks to complete this project before group presentations started.

“I’m fine with the aspect of being in groups and I would’ve also been okay with this project being an individual assignment,” Awol said. “As long as the work given is an amount you can do on your own if you’re doing it alone, I wouldn’t have minded doing it alone.”

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