80 spots for Badminton served quickly

Season will conclude with tournament


Gurleen Swaich

With all 80 spots already paid for and secured, Badminton Club intermurals started Monday after school. 

“I decided to go in to badminton because me and my friends decided it would be fun and I really enjoy playing it,” sophomore Christopher Silva said. “While playing my main focus is to win, but I also remember to have a good time and just enjoy this sport with my friends.”

A tournament will be taking place towards the middle of the semester for both boys and girls with a trophy for the winning teams. 

“I like any kind of sport that is competitive and the reason I decided to pick Badminton was because a lot of our student body is quite interested in it,” Coach Anne Kalenowicz said. “Badminton is able to teach students about hand-eye coordination, teamwork and other qualities.”

In order to participate, students had to turn in a waiver and ensure any outstanding fees were paid off. 

“Badminton is something I really like to do,” sophomore James Sarmiento said. “It’s so easy to pick up on and it’s even more enjoyable when you have the right group of friends to play it with. It’s a simple game, yet complicated game making it even better because you have to really think about your next move.” 

For those that were not able to secure a spot, they may spectate from the sidelines at no cost.  

“I joined Badminton Club because I played badminton ever since I was young and this club was an opportunity to relive that memory,” sophomore Jan Roben Uy said. “While playing, my mindset is pretty competitive and also calculated. I start thinking about my opponent’s weakness. Exploiting the weaknesses of those I’m against makes the game competitive since they try to do the same thing to me.”

Do you enjoy playing badminton?