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Bouncing off the walls in Interior Design III

Creating scale model walls of a shed

After successfully finishing their EOC exams, juniors in Interior Design III began a new project working with various materials to create a scale model wall of a shed.

“I haven’t felt stuck during this project but I’ve checked in with my friends to ensure I have the correct measurements,” junior Emily Le said. “For this model, the measurements have to be extremely accurate and precise and if I was off by the slightest, it would affect the end result of the model.”

Starting with a scale drawing of their wall on graph paper, students were required to use architectural rulers at a ¾”=1’ scale.

“I’d say my favorite part of this scale model project is that my partner, Kaylani and I are able to visually create a model based on our knowledge of scaling,” Le said. “We’ve learned about the variety of different scaling dimensions used but 3/4 has been the most common.”

Using the necessary materials such as cardboard and wax paper, juniors are almost at the conclusion of their projects—from learning about the function of studs, top plates and solo plates.

“[I believe] this project will help us by learning the architecture of the inside of a wall and the parts that we don’t see,” junior Hope Clem said.

After their project is over, students will begin working on building their own small model houses.

“We are finalizing our project by cutting materials and using our tools,” junior Kaylani Dai said. “We have already made measurements on our architectural plan, so all we have to do now is glue our pieces together and that’s it.”

Have you ever built anything without instructions?

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