Interior Design seniors outline workspace for robotics Creating pits for robot repairs

Working on their robot, sophomores Edwin Alvarez and Anthony Daileda attach the necessary parts. Students in Interior Design sketched up floorplans for the workspace that will be used to add adjustments to their robot between matches. “I'm excited to be working with the robotics kids on this project,” senior Cecilia Gonzalez said. “By having us create an idea on paper and pitch it to the robotics students, I think this project gives us a feel of how being an interior designer really is." Photo Credit: Alyx Beeten

In need of a pit design for their first robotics competition of the season, Interior Design III seniors have been tasked to draft a pit for Vegas Vortechs #6519.

“With fashion shows, I just couldn’t [take part in robotics when Ms. Wolff invited me], but I did go see the robotics competition,” Interior Design teacher Shannon Sheldon said. “I saw the pit areas of each school and our school only had a handmade sign and the table the venue provided.”

Workspaces are designed to be an area where robotics teams check and repair their robots between matches. The Interior Design students will split into groups then draft different designs.

“[After seeing our pit,] I vowed that the Interior Design students would come up with some ideas to give the Vortechs a more impressive display,” Sheldon said. “[I look forward] to see students collaborate across program areas.”  

Although Interior Design students are designing the pit, the Robotics Club will be physically creating the workspace. Once ideas are sketched out, students will present them to the robotics group.

“I’m excited to be working on this project,” senior Arielle Fernandez said. “I always think it’s cool when program areas work together to create something.”

Workspace designs are due in March when the robotics competitions begin. Until then, the seniors will continue the drafting process and the group with the best designs will present to the Robotics Club.

“[This project is] something really new that we have never done before,” senior Cecilia Gonzalez said. “All of us were really impressed by Robotics Club, so being able to help them have a functioning workspace is pretty cool.”

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