National Honor Society starts after-school tutoring program Members help with classes in the library


Gurleen Swaich

To help students understand different concepts with their academics, National Honor Society members are tutoring after school in the library, every day except Wednesday. 

“I’ve always enjoyed tutoring and assisting students in a variety of subjects at school,” junior George Luo said. “Previously in eighth grade, I was a weekly tutor for a specific student. I would help him out every Friday and over the school year, I could see improvements.”

In the library, tables will be labelled with the tutor’s name. A variety of subjects will be taught, such as math and English.

“The goal would be that these are your higher functioning students on campus that should be helping teach other students that may struggle with those classes,” NHS Adviser Laura Penrod said. “Hopefully tutoring from another student would be less intimidating than necessarily having tutoring from a teacher because they are more intimidated to ask a teacher than someone close to their age.”

For students interested in being tutored, they simply just show up to the library on the tutors designated days. All sessions are conducted by wall-ins and appointments are not necessary.

“Tutoring gives me an opportunity to share what I’ve learned to others so they can do better,” said junior Anson Wu. “I believe that NHS is making an immense step in the right direction to help the students more directly. It’s a great way for NHS to interact with the students and create a strong learning environment for everyone.”

The tutors will be given one to two community service hours for each session they complete.

“NHS tutoring provides students the ability to have another student who does well in that area to help them,” Penrod said. “I would also hope that it creates a stronger connection with NHS. I feel like a lot of times NHS can feel very separate from this school because we do not have a lot of events on campus for everyone, so I think this is a nice way for NHS to get back to all students.”