Sophomores learn about ancient war techniques

Project based on ‘The Art of War’


Madison White

To study ancient war techniques and find modern-day connections, sophomores in English 10 teacher Amy Lutz’s classes are creating a project based on the ‘Art of War.’

“[I’ve used this project] in the past and it seemed like students seemed to really enjoy and learn from it,” Lutz said. “It is more interactive than doing worksheets or essays and that forces people to make connections with the book.”

The ‘Art of War’ is an ancient Chinese military treatise that was published in the fifth century. The book includes tips on military strategies and tactics that can be used to be successful in war. 

“Since this is world literature, a lot of the text that we read don’t seem relatable and very, very old,” Lutz said. “Once we dive in and figure out how we can relate them to our modern life, then students are better able to remember the text.”

Students are encouraged to make a project that doesn’t involve a PowerPoint, such as creating a video tutorial. As long as their project represents their assigned chapter, students can choose their deliverable.

“There were definitely some difficult requirements to meet,” sophomore Emily Cuddington said. “It was challenging to find real-world connections, but in the end, we were able to understand the topic more.” 

Following the project, students will take a test on Ancient China. Any notes that they acquired during this project can be used on the quiz.

“The project is honestly a really great learning experience because the text actually relates to a lot of things happening in real life,” sophomore Eman Yonis said. “I learned a lot about leadership and how to execute a strategy or war tactic well.”

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