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Technology services partially return for student access

Passwords are being reset in the library
Ayma Malik
Combating student email access lockouts, password retrievals are happening in the library during English or Freshman Studies/Health classes. A week has passed since the initial lockout occurred. “We’re doing that [library retrievals] for two reasons,” Assistant Principal Donna Besser said. “One is to make sure that we are using a different system to log everyone in. Also, to ensure that everybody is getting reset. Right now some students that have been reset are saying that they weren’t reset so that they don’t have to do work in class. This is ensuring that everyone is being reset and no one has any excuse to not be logged in.”

After an unplanned internet outage on Friday, some technology services are back up and running at school. 

Students who previously were unable to access their CCSD accounts due to the cyberattack are now acquiring new passwords to login to their accounts.

“I missed a lot of schoolwork,” sophomore Jaiden Skillman said. “I feel like they need to start putting in better preparations for when we don’t have online stuff, because we are too reliant on the computers and sometimes that’s bad. We need to go back to some things being pen and paper.”

Originally, two Site-Based Technicians were moving around the school to reset each student’s password individually. 

“It was a much slower process and I think the problem with going classroom to classroom is that sometimes we end up seeing you more than once,” Site-Based Technician Larry Reed said. “If I get you in your English class and then I go to the next math classroom and you’re in math as well, there’s a redundancy.”

Assistant Principal Donna Besser issued a schedule today to better coordinate the efforts.

“We haven’t really received any guidance from the district on what to do on it or how to do it, so all the schools have just been talking to each other and trying different things,” Besser said. “What we tried last week, what we found was that some of those passwords were being reset again, so that’s why we’re doing it to everybody this week.”

The passwords given in the library are temporary, requiring students to build their own high security password. The requirement for passwords now features more characters, making it more difficult to hack. However, some students are still met with an error message on the My Account website, stating that they are “unable to reset their passwords at this time.”

“I reset it [password] on Thursday and everything went well,” senior Raiyan Shafique said. “On Friday, it logged me out again so I had to reset it on Monday. I thought I was good on Friday and then I just couldn’t log in again.”

Although access has been restored, students are still only able to work on their schoolwork while connected to CCSD Wi-Fi.  

“I hate being behind on things,” junior Julea Hofilena. “At first, it was annoying because I had an assignment due that night. Luckily, all the teachers were understanding so it went well. I’ve actually had access to Canvas since it all started so I wasn’t locked out of everything. The issue was with Google Drive and email. I was able to transfer it to my personal email, so I can still work on things thankfully.”

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