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Pizza Hut is the go to place for pizza with teenagers in Las Vegas.

Category 6: “Best pizza”

Southwest Shadow July 1, 2014

Winner: Pizza Hut Although it is a chain restaurant known all over the country, Pizza Hut is far from disappointing. Take a slice of what they have to offer, whether it be a classic pepperoni...

Las Vegass own Fashion Show Mall adds a twist to your cliche mall experience with a runway that hosts fashion shows every weekend and the malls famous landmark, the Cloud.

Category 4: “Best mall”

Southwest Shadow July 1, 2014

Winner: Fashion Show Mall Look for a new outfit and shop til' you drop at Fashion Show Mall. This two million square foot mall is located right off the edge of The Strip, convenient for all tourists...

The best place to go hiking is the Red Rock Canyon. At the Red Rock Canyon, you can exercise your muscles while enjoying a beautiful, scenic view of the canyon.  Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia

Category 1: “Best hiking”

Southwest Shadow July 1, 2014

Winner: Red Rock Canyon It’s a three day weekend with perfect 80 degree weather, which is pretty rare for Las Vegas. You want to enjoy the weather while it lasts, but you have no idea what activity...

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, often referred to simply as Tropical Smoothie,  is nutritional cafe that offers a variety of selections, such as smoothies, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. The cafe is famous for their wide array of healthy smoothies, ranging from simple flavors such as Mango Magic to more peculiar combinations, such as Beach Bum. “What I love about Tropical Smoothie is how their smoothies are both healthy, and delicious. Whether you’re on a diet, or looking for something good to drink, Tropical Smoothie is the place to go,” Priscilla Llanos (‘17) said.  Photo Credit: Tropical Café Smoothie

Category 2: “Best smoothie”

Southwest Shadow June 13, 2014

Winner: Tropical Smoothie Cafe “Eat better. Feel better.” This is the motto that Tropical Smoothie Cafe follows with every smoothie blended and every salad tossed that lures teenagers in,...

When looking for a bite to eat, one should look no further than Bachi Burger. Offering an Asian twist on the much-loved burger and fries, Bachi Burger provides quality food and service to anyone looking for dinner or lunch with friends. Ive only been to Bachi Burger twice, and even though the price is a bit more than the average burger, its so worth it paying a little extra, Makaio Wakeley (16) said.  Photo Courtesy of Food Smackdown

Category 5: “Best burger”

Southwest Shadow May 29, 2014

Winner: Bachi Burger Bachi Burger is far from the definition of a regular burger with its Asian-infused taste and garments alongside each dish. Although higher priced than a usual burger joint,...

The Mandalay Bay pool was designed to look like a beach and offer the qualities of a beach that Las Vegas lacks.

Category 3: “Best pool”

Southwest Shadow May 29, 2014

Winner: Mandalay Bay Beach Have a splash at Mandalay Bay's Beach, the choice for best pool. It offers a variety of entertainment for pool goers, and those that want to achieve that sun kissed...

Take a thrill ride on New York New Yorks roller coaster and fill the air of screams and excitement.

Category 15: “Best thrill ride”

Southwest Shadow May 29, 2014

Winner: The Big Apple Coaster There is no doubt about the number of imitations on the Las Vegas Strip. With hotels that resemble the Egyptian Pyramids, enchanted castles and the Colosseum, The...

The MGM Grand Garden arena provides entertainment for a variety of age groups ranging from wrestling matches to musical concerts.  Photo Courtesy of MGM Grand

Category 14: “Best all-ages music venue”

Southwest Shadow May 29, 2014

Winner: MGM Grand Garden Arena Events such as the Billboard Music Awards, professional boxing fights, and the Academy of Country Music Awards have taken place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena since...

One of the largest music festivals to ever grace Las Vegas, Electric Daisy Carnival, known to most as EDC, brings several thousand fans of the electric music genre down to the Las Vegas scene. The festival lasts for one weekend during the month of June, with many different DJs headlining the shows and performances throughout the weekend nights. “EDC houses many of my favorite musicians, and I’m glad to have been able to go this year,” Robert Terch (‘16) said.  Photo Courtesy of EDC Official Twitter

Category 13: “Best music festival”

Southwest Shadow May 29, 2014

Winner: Electronic Daisy Carnival The Electric Daisy Carnival that takes place every year in the Las Vegas summer heat is a highly anticipated music festival by teens and adults alike. Taking...

A Las Vegas local food truck, Fuku Burger, offers a variety of food and drinks to its customers.  Photo Courtesy of Fuku Burger

Category 10: “Best food truck”

Southwest Shadow May 28, 2014

Winner: Fuku Burger Fuku Burger has been designated as the favorite Las Vegas food truck, serving All-American burgers with a Japanese twist. With over nine different options of meals, Fuku Burger...

Hundreds of Las Vegas locals, as well as tourists, flock to the annual Foodie Festival, which is held in April. The festival has always hosted a myriad of food trucks, ranging from White Castle to Super Q, as well as a carnival with a ferris wheel, fun house, and more. “I love Foodie Fest and I voted for it because it gives me the opportunity to experience different foods from all over! It’s lots of fun and overall a great experience,” Sara Rounaque (’17) said.  Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas Foodie Fest

Category 9: “Best food festival”

Southwest Shadow May 28, 2014

Winner: Las Vegas Foodie Fest Hundreds of Las Vegas locals, as well as tourists, flock to the annual Las Vegas Foodie Festival, which is held in April. The festival hosts a myriad of food trucks,...

Roberto’s Taco Shop is open 24 hours with friendly service and modestly priced food, making it ideal for midnight dining. The restaurant is known for their authentic Mexican cuisine; ranging from classic crunchy tacos to savory cheese enchiladas. “Roberto’s is the best place for late night cravings because you can go in, get your food, and eat in less than ten minutes. The food is amazing,” Alexis Drevetzki (‘17) said. Photo Credit: Roberto’s Taco Shop

Category 8: “Best late-night eatery”

Southwest Shadow May 28, 2014

Winner: Roberto's Taco Shop Ask any teenager what they believe the best late-night eatery in Las Vegas is, and they will answer without hesitating, Roberto’s Taco Shop. With over 65 locations...

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