A look into quarter two Although the initial transition from in-person to hybrid was confusing, students are getting a sense of normalcy with virtual education

Quarter one was tough not just for teachers, but also students. Although things seemed quite frustrating, many of the technical dilemmas and Canvas issues have been navigated and students are beginning to somewhat admire the versatility of virtual education. Graphic Credit: Gurleen Swaich
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The pandemic’s arrival was like an unexpected guest at a party – abrupt and uninvited. Since August, schools have been in distance learning and due to the rapid increase of cases it is more than likely the plan will stay intact until the risk of infection can stabilize. 

Now it has been more than three months since the the start of distance learning, students are finally in a somewhat normal routine. 

“Beginning of the virtual school year was really stressful for me as I was still trying to figure my way through Canvas and the new changes but things have gotten a lot easier for me,” sophomore Van Anh Nguyen said. “I was finally able to organize and plan out my assignments. This year is just a laid back year since sophomore year is considerably one of the easiest but I am still trying to aim for the best.”

Compared to the frustration among teachers and students as they started in August, many have adapted and find the day to day schedule of virtual school significantly easier. Many students have also found navigating their way through Canvas simpler than quarter one. 

“Things have gotten way easier since and I enjoy it a lot more,” senior Gene Aguila said. “Waking up at eight and being able to have a lot more time off for open periods during virtual school in my opinion is a lot more fun.”

Although juniors and seniors still have the added factor of stress relating to ACT’s and college applications, many are waiting it out and preparing for just-in-case scenarios. 

“Since the beginning of the virtual school year, several things have changed,” junior Iman Jemal said. “I’ve gotten used to Canvas and as for junior year, I am expecting it to be challenging because of exams, but I am studying and reviewing information so that I am thoroughly prepared.”

Underclassmen have also had an interesting beginning to their high school journey, but are steadily finding ways to cope with a new school and learning environment.  

“Personally, online school is easier for me since I also play sports and can manage my time better,” freshman Justyn Grace Moceros said. “I was expecting freshman year to be harder than it currently is, but the work isn’t hard. I was also able to find new friends even though schools are just online and we are all able to connect through social media platforms, but I do hope to see them soon.” 

Although CCSD is trying to make a plan on whether or not students will return to school, the decision will not be made until January of 2021 at the earliest. 

“I think a large workload has been relieved from my schedule this year due to everything being online,” senior Emily Tran said. “However, I can feel my motivation depleting as it feels easier to push off work and I don’t have physical interactions that keep me going like in a regular school day. However, I found creative ways to hang out with my friends online and through socially distanced hangouts.”

How do you feel about quarter two?