CCSD cancels all out-of-state, international student travel

Taking precautions after first cases reported in Nevada


Grinesa Bajrami

March 12 Update

Today, Principal Donna Levy sent out an email regarding refunds for all students planning to attend out-of-state or international trips:

We are in the process of working with CCSD, vendors, and our club advisors to determine reimbursements/credit for planned trips. Once that information has been finalized you will be notified.

We appreciate your patience and will keep you posted with any information we receive from CCSD.

The Robotics Club competition has been officially cancelled.

March 10 Update

CCSD sent an automated message to all parents, last night. The message gave parents updates on COVID-19 cases in Nevada and indicated that more information can be found online.

The journalism trip to New York has officially been cancelled. Refunds will be given to all students and teachers who planned to attend.

March 9 Update

To ensure safety and health, CCSD are explaining health guidelines enforced by the Center for Disease and Prevention, such as health guidelines, travel updates and potential school closures.

Additionally, there have been updates on the student and employee travel ban. CCSD will continue monitoring the development of COVID-19 daily to assess the restrictions. Currently, there are no exceptions for travel.

However, CCSD is currently developing a refund policy. Refunds will be given to organization hosts first, before families receive their money. The district is currently working with federal representatives to create a potential reimbursement program.

March 6 Update

Due to places, such as California, declaring states of emergency, CCSD could not legally send students on certain trips, therefore the travel ban was implemented.

March 5

Ensuring safety for all, CCSD has cancelled all out-of-state and international student travel.

The decision was made as a safety and health precaution after the development and spread of COVID-19. All parents received a phone call announcing the decision.

District leadership will be contacting certain schools with potential rescheduling options.

All updates will be made as new developments arise.