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Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

Southwest Shadow

The positives to look at provide me the annual joy I have when planning for the festive holidays.  There is no worry of having a frown when debating over what flavor of pie to indulge in.
Photo credit: Josh Dalton

Finding appreciation in the rough

November 26, 2014

Here I am, graced with the time to give thanks and let my waist measurement increase to the next pants size. Turkey Day, even though I personally prefer chicken, is here and it’s time to celebrate! Generally,...

Having a thinner body figure often strikes criticism when in comparison to more curvy assets. 
Photo credit: Amanda Galvan

To love thyself, attack another

November 10, 2014

The world we live in today has progressed in numerous areas of importance: a woman's right to vote, which holds great value during this voting season, the evolution of technology and the perception...

Celebrating Halloween should not mean to give up any chance of dressing up and being given candy. It should be about the fun and entertainment you feel, no matter how childish it seems to others. Photo credit: Brittnie Truax

The horror to not celebrate Halloween

October 31, 2014

“Hey, you wanna come with me to the costume store to pick out something for trick-or-treating on Halloween?” “You’re in high school, why would you dress up and go door to door for candy?...

Ultimately, the power of money is overlooked and contains a very controlling way to it. There are other more valuable components to a persons life than money. Photo credit: Alex Nedelcu

The power of money

October 24, 2014

Money cannot buy happiness, but it sure does buy the items that bring a smile to our faces. Admittedly enough, that is a bit of a materialistic statement and generalization to make; however, with how...

Small proposals through sticky notes are more intimate than a public asking through song at Town Square.

Private proposals

October 17, 2014

It is that time of the year again: roses are given after a commodius proposal in front of the student body during lunch time, dresses that will flow in the air as girls dance the night away are ordered...

Finding a flattering wedding gown is an important aspect of a wedding, while being a very stressful decision.However, it is the love that will be bonded that matters most.  Photo credit: Brittnie Truax

Marriage: a realization of commitment and love

October 1, 2014

Weddings, oh weddings. It is a couple's dream to reach this step in their relationship, while also their worst nightmare to organize. It is not the actual event itself, but better yet, the process...

Choosing what college to attend was not a difficult task, but now that the indecisive vibes has clouded my head, I have second thoughts on how far I will be able to succeed.

Second thoughts for indecisive people

September 16, 2014

"Alright students, today the counselors will be visiting class to speak with you individually about your classes for the year. They are here to help steer a path that will fit the requirements of the...

Bringing forth attention to the life threatening disease, most known as Lou Gehrigs disease, helps support in finding a cure. However, donating as much money as possible supports the cause more positively.

Buckets for awareness

September 3, 2014

Videos of pocket sized pooches running playfully in their sleep are not the only videos that are flooding Facebook feeds and Instagram profiles. Logging on to your profile has displayed countless hours...

Whether the picture be an embarrassing selfie after a bad haircut or a group photo with your best friends, all pictures contain some type of memory that should be kept cherished.

A picture brings back a thousand memories

August 20, 2014

I am sure we all have those embarrassing baby pictures your mom took when just being three weeks old. You know, the ones taken when still rocking those animal onesies that had a hood and puffy white...

As the year went on, I went through with the goals I made at the beginning of the school year. Next year, I hope to not only improve but continue the involvement and transformations I have made. Sophomore year, I will miss you!

Another year completed

May 19, 2014

180 days. 90 days. Look at how far we have come now; In a matter of 14 days, the 2013-2014 school year will be officially over. This year was definitely a memorable one, but no one has any idea how...

No matter the weather, rainy or sunny, I always find some type of enjoyment within life that makes me smile.

A smile towards success

May 6, 2014

Starting my job at Pacsun a month ago has let me come to many realizations about my personality and habits. What has been brought to my attention are the high levels of positivity that I display towards...

The annual Extreme Thing brings a variety of bands along with a variety within each stages audience. Bands like Of Mice & Men bring the crowd most find cliche to events like these.

Concert madness

April 23, 2014

As you course through the daily routines and surprises that come with life, the saying “you can never judge a book by its cover,” can be applied to just about every situation. The day I had...

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