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Proms Over! What Do I Do?!!

Prom’s Over! What Do I Do?!!

Madison Land May 2, 2022
With prom being over, we all feel like the night was so short for the amount of time we put into our hair, makeup, outfits, plans, everything. I have compiled a list of hacks and ideas that will truly make prom a night to remember, no matter how long ago it was.
“I Love Hue” is a simple and straightforward game that you can play for hours. Rating: A Photo Credit:Google Play Store

Relax, Solve Colorful Puzzles with ‘I Love Hue’

Madison Land March 7, 2022
‘I Love Hue’ is a puzzle game that utilizes color theory to solve the problem.
Six Artists you Should Be Listening To: March 2022

Six Artists you Should Be Listening To: March 2022

Madison Land March 3, 2022
Black people have had a huge impact on music as a whole, in America, since the beginning so here are some new artists.
Celebrities and Influuencers truly do not have their fan’s best interest at heart; they care more about what their supporters can give them over everything else.  Photo Credit: Madison Land

Stop Idolizing Celebrities, Influencers

Madison Land February 7, 2022
As fans, we are seen as nothing more than a means to reach success and riches.
‘Collapsed Sunbeams’ sounds like storytelling backed with captivating beats and melodies.Rating:B+Image Credit Credit NME

Reminisce On The Past with ‘Collapsed Sunbeams’

Madison Land December 13, 2021
Arlo Parks, a British singer and songwriter has released her first album that takes her listeners on the journey of her life.
The fashion industry takes and sells our culture to non-black people, but then turns around and does not cater their products to us, support our movements, or help our communities in any way. They exploit us.
Photo Credit: Unsplash

They Love Our Culture, But Not Us

Madison Land November 26, 2021
Fashion companies love to use Black people and our culture, talents, and faces but do nothing to support our community or include us.
“Space Sweepers’ was lovable in every way, from their layered, diverse characters, to their perfect pacing and effective life lesson. Rating: A

Fight evil governments and collect space debris in ‘Space Sweepers’

Madison Land November 8, 2021
‘Space Sweepers’ is the type of movie that makes you want to go on adventures with those you love most, whether that’s family or friends to call a family, no matter how simple or extravagant the adventure might be.
Staying Moisturized In Winter

Staying Moisturized In Winter

Madison Land October 21, 2021
It has gotten drastically colder here in Vegas recently, which is good for finally being able to layer your winter clothes, but bad for your skin.
An adorable cookie shop that sells homemade cookies and an array of sodas and drinks. Located 6410 S. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas. Rating: A Photo Credit:Madison Land

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Twisted Sugar

Madison Land September 27, 2021
All of Twisted Sugar’s items are not only delicious, but camera ready as well and perfect to post on Instagram.
Get into the fall spirit with these different recommendations, treats, and activities.

Getting Ready For Fall

Madison Land September 16, 2021
Fall is my favorite time of the year, with Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Native American Heritage Month all occurring. Fall is not just a season to me, it's a feeling and lifestyle; I will show you different foods, amazing music, and awesome activities that you can try this fall to really tap into that fall feeling,
Notable Moments From the Derek Chauvin Case so Far

Notable Moments From the Derek Chauvin Case so Far

Madison Land April 22, 2021
George Floydś killer, Derek Chauvin, is finally brought to court for the horrendous crime he had committed. We are currently on week three of a four week trial for a murder that everyone witnessed via a video.
Southwest Shadow Asks: Nia Anderson

Southwest Shadow Asks: Nia Anderson

Madison Land March 26, 2021
Nia Anderson answers questions ranging from her favorite film to what her personal motto is.