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“I Love Hue” is a simple and straightforward game that you can play for hours. Rating: A Photo Credit:Google Play Store

Relax, Solve Colorful Puzzles with ‘I Love Hue’ Arrange colorful tiles into beautifully ordered spectrums

Madison Land March 7, 2022

As a senior, I have been dealing with a high level of stress, non-stop since the beginning of the year. If it’s not assignments being thrown at me left and right from my teachers, it’s all the emails...

Celebrities and Influuencers truly do not have their fan’s best interest at heart; they care more about what their supporters can give them over everything else.  Photo Credit: Madison Land

Stop Idolizing Celebrities, Influencers They only see you as a fan, nothing more

Madison Land February 7, 2022

It hasn’t been too long since the Astroworld tragedy when Travis Scott’s negligence killed ten people and injured thousands more that night. He blatantly ignored the blood-curdling screams of his fans...

‘Collapsed Sunbeams’ sounds like storytelling backed with captivating beats and melodies.Rating:B+Image Credit Credit NME

Reminisce On The Past with ‘Collapsed Sunbeams’ Arlo Parker takes listeners to another dimension with life experiences

Madison Land December 13, 2021

Born and raised in Hammersmith, West London, Arlo Parker is a singer, songwriter and poet whose first musical debut was November of 2018 with the single “Cola.” It’s 2021, and Arlo just released...

The fashion industry takes and sells our culture to non-black people, but then turns around and does not cater their products to us, support our movements, or help our communities in any way. They exploit us.
Photo Credit: Unsplash

They Love Our Culture, But Not Us The fashion industry exploits Black people

Madison Land November 26, 2021

You go to Gucci's website because you found out about their new collab with Balenciaga, and it's the first thing to pop up, obviously. "Now available: The Hackers Project," it reads as you click on the...

“Space Sweepers’ was lovable in every way, from their layered, diverse characters, to their perfect pacing and effective life lesson. Rating: A

Fight evil governments and collect space debris in ‘Space Sweepers’ A dystopian Sci-Fi film that perfectly demonstrates what a found family really is

Madison Land November 8, 2021

Imagine: it’s the year 2092 and the Earth is in ruins due to human selfishness and negligence. The human race has no choice but to ascend to space to find a new way of life. But here is the kicker; only...

An adorable cookie shop that sells homemade cookies and an array of sodas and drinks. Located 6410 S. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas. Rating: A Photo Credit:Madison Land

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Twisted Sugar It’s a delicious cookie, soda heaven

Madison Land September 27, 2021

It started out as a small cookie shop in Utah that was really popular in the Mormon community, offering cookies and sodas that became loved by many, allowing them to grow and spread their delicious treats...

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