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Distractions of the road

Photo Credit: Brittnie Truax
Photo Credit: Brittnie Truax
Keeping your eyes on the road instead of letting nuisance items distract you will help you to be a better driver.<br>Photo Credit: Brittnie Truax
Keeping your eyes on the road instead of letting nuisance items distract you will help you to be a better driver.
Photo Credit: Brittnie Truax

Your cell phone continuously rings while you drive down a traffic-congested street. You are stuck between the decision of answering it, while attempting to keep your hands on the wheel, or ignore it. Choosing to let a frivolous diversion can put your life at risk.

Distractions are such a burden. My mind drifts to many different places already, so disturbances make working twice as hard. Any little thing can distract me whether it is the faint sound of a pencil dropping, to the loud conversations coming from the hallways during class.

Since I can be distracted so easily, it is frightening to think that in about a year I will be driving on the road. If there is an accident on the side of the road, I may be too busy focusing on the accident instead of watching the road to ensure that I do not end up in one, as well. Besides distractions outside of the car, there will be many distractions inside the car. For example, I cannot even sit in a car without changing the radio when a terrible song comes on.

If I cannot sit in the car as a passenger without letting the choice of song bother me, imagine what would happen if I tried doing tasks while driving. Suppose I run late for school, so I attempt to put my makeup on as I drive. I am not only risking my life to look appealing, but I also run the risk of having mascara on my forehead or eyeshadow across my cheek.

Although I might try dangerous tasks as I drive, there is still that glimmer of hope that I could focus when behind the wheel. It is one of the biggest milestones of my life that I should not be worried about. In order to prevent distraction when I drive, the main way is to clear my head before driving and focus. If I focus on my destination instead of focusing on having a preoccupied head, I will be able to drive without distractions.

I am eager to start driving, but I need to learn not to be distracted so easily. Once I start driving, I will have no choice but to learn to keep my mind focused on one thing at a time. Sure, distractions do not seem like a huge deal, but they can affect my schoolwork and my life.

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