EDITORIAL: Keeping up with the innovation obsession

Fear not, robots won’t take over


Southwest Shadow

A robotic takeover? In today’s time? It is a possibility–or at least that’s what the internet wants us to believe. Recently, a rumor about robots killing 29 scientist in a lab in Japan spread throughout the world. Even though the story was eventually proven false, it sparked some paranoia regarding technology’s influence on society and people are starting to think that innovation needs to be stopped.

The fear of innovation is sometimes triggered by what we see on the big screen. Movies like Wall-E make us wonder if we’ll lose connection with the world by advancing “too far.” Gadgets like Roomba have intensified conspiracies, but it’s not all bad. We believe that the improvement of technology is something to be celebrated and not feared, especially in building our education.

What helps teachers benefits students in return. According to Ed Technology, 96 percent of teachers have claimed that technology has helped them in their classroom. When it comes to our personal learning, we even have more learning opportunities with online school and tech learning centers on the rise. What part of this growth concludes that we are going to be controlled by robots?

These advancements give us the privilege to have more resources that aid our preferred learning strategies, rather than only having textbooks and teachers there to guide us. From using GPS on our iPhone X’s to buying self-parking vehicles, technology has made our lives easier. We’ve transitioned from typing on search engines to saying, “Hey, Google.”

Change is hard to adjust to, especially when we’re already comfortable with outdated advancements, like pencil and paper. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t welcome technology. We need to recognize how much it benefits our lives now and how it will continue to do so in the future. 

There’s no reason to slow down innovation when it proves that our society is growing. Before we know it, plants will start growing in space. We just have to be more open to change, even if it means we have to consider the possibility of robots taking over the world.

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