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Southwest Shadow

Committed to being the shining star in the Las Vegas hospitality community, Proper Sandwich Company co-owners Eric and Phil strive to present the tastiest sandwiches for customers to love.   
 Rating: A+ Photo Credit:Naila Yazdani

Indulge in authentic cuisine at Proper Sandwich Company Sandwiches, salads, sweets taken to the next level of healthy and delicious

Naila Yazdani May 24, 2022

6181 S Rainbow Blvd #106 Las Vegas, NV 89118 Mon-Fri: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sat: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sun: Closed Apple Pay, Cash App and credit cards accepted. Having dreamt about opening a...

PODCAST: Parental Standards

PODCAST: Parental Standards

Julia Jauregui and Naila Yazdani March 10, 2022

It's important to discuss the way students may think or feel based on the way their parents portray their expectations. Listen as we talk about parental standards and the overall impact they have on us...

Finishing another hard workout session, senior Ventisislav Yankov studies his side triceps after training shoulders and arms. Beginning his junior year, Yankov began to start taking the gym seriously and working out to improve the way his body looked.  “I remember the best memory of my training experience when I benched 225 pounds, which was my goal for six months,” Yankov said. “I failed that benchmark three times before that and when I finally hit it, I felt very happy.” Photo Credit: Ventisislav Yankov

Certified Personal Trainer: Meet Ventisislav Yankov Pursuing his goal in helping others find their confidence, inner strength

Naila Yazdani February 3, 2022

Sweat dripping down his body as he lifts the weights, senior Ventisislav Yankov pushes himself to achieve his personal body goals.  Yankov was not always the fit and athletic individual he is today....

INFOGRAPHIC: Myths vs. Facts Drinking Water

INFOGRAPHIC: Myths vs. Facts Drinking Water

Naila Yazdani December 7, 2021

Colorful Soft and Rounded Comparison Infographic by Naila Yazdani [STUDENT]

Experience a traditional Japanese hotpot at U Shabu

Experience a traditional Japanese hotpot at U Shabu Fresh self-serve delicacies, meats including seafood

Naila Yazdani December 6, 2021

5845 Spring Mountain Rd suite A1-A4, Las Vegas, NV 89146 Everyday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4:30–10 PM Credit cards accepted Presuming a completely different experience from what I got, U Shabu exceeded...

Students explore the functions of the mind

Students explore the functions of the mind Teaching, Training I creates lego models of various ideas to explain the different brain types

Naila Yazdani November 4, 2021

Teaching and Training I students are learning about the different brain functions at key intervals in a human's life. To demonstrate these functions, they are building Lego models. “The creativity...

Experience nostalgic vibes with ‘Dim’

Experience nostalgic vibes with ‘Dim’ SYML drops EP detailing his personal tragedies

Naila Yazdani October 23, 2021

“No, I can't stay here and let you go / I lost my faith but heaven knows / It can't be your time to go / Can't stay here and let you go,” sings Brian Fennell as he remembers his late father on his...

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